The Karolinska Kidney Research Center – KaroKidney – is a translational kidney research cluster based in Stockholm, Sweden. KaroKidney promotes programs for synergistic collaborations between basic and clinical researchers that will lead to discoveries and better healthcare strategies aimed at improving outcome for patients with kidney disease.

KaroKidney’s expanding biobank currently contains more than 800 renal biopsies (>450 native kidney biopsies from adult patients, 150 pediatric patients, 150 living donors and > 50 transplanted patients) and more than 150 arterial biopsies from patients with kidney disease and healthy controls. The tissue is stored in ways that allows analysis of both morphology and RNA/protein expression.

KaroKidney – Winter 2016


An alphabetic list of KaroKidney researchers:

Abdul Rashid Qureshi

Angelina Schwarz

Anna Levin

Anneli Lindberg

Annette Bruchfeld

Annika Östman Wernerson

Ásta Dögg Jónasdóttir

Charikleia Chrysostomou

Emelie Westergren

Hannes Olauson

Helen Erlandsson

Helena Genberg

Jaakko Patrakka

Jessica Smolander

Johan Nordström

Julia Wijkstrom

Karolina Kublickiene

Kjell Hultenby

Lars Wennberg

Lu Dai

Magnus Söderberg

Maria Herthelius

Marie Evans

Marie Jeansson

Milan Chromek

Olle Dahlberg

Olof Heimburger

Peter Barany 

Peter Hemmingsson 

Peter Stenvinkel

Sabina Thompson

Sam Hobson

Samsul Arefin

Thomas Ebert (

Torbjörn Lundgren (

Ulrika Jensen Durgé

Yvonne Ekelöw

Patient representative:
Björn Nilsson

  • Swedish Kidney Foundation. National patient organisation. Vice chairman and treasurer.
  • Swedish Kidney Foundation Stockholm Gotland. Regional patient organisation. Chair and treasurer.
  • Njurfonden. Fundraising organisation. Board member and treasurer.
  • Livet som Gåva. Patient organisation. Board member and treasurer.